If your practice provides service to SMSF trustees you will almost certainly be asked about geared investment into property.
Both traditional and social media is consistently full of commentary on the strategy and there is clearly a strong demand from Trustees to investigate it.
However, it has been our experience that even those Accountants who have strong referral relationships with Banks or Mortgage Brokers (perhaps even internal to the Practice) suffer significant professional embarrassment where the Banker or Broker is not highly experienced in Limited Recourse Borrowing transactions.
Equally we have noted that a 'do it yourself' approach costs most Accountants far more in time and effort than any revenue generated from the referral to the Lender.  (As an aside - we find it very difficult to accept that any Professional Adviser that receives any form of commission or "kickback" is acting solely in the best interests of their Clients)
This is even before you factor in the significant risk that repeated referrals (especially for commission) raise.  Is it a "mere referral" or should you have a Credit Licence? 
And without putting too fine a point on it - there are very few Accountants (if any) who have sufficient access to - or day to day knowledge of - all Lender Products such that they could prove they have acted in their Clients best interests.
How SMSF Loans Assists
No other Mortgage Broker in Australia has chosen to specialise solely in SMSF lending and no other Mortgage Broker has the same access to, and influence of, the range of Lenders that we do.
Most importantly - no other SMSF loan Broker operates on an independent and unbiased model.
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Please note:
SMSF Loans does not provide accountancy, audit or fund administration services.

Our service is completely unbundled.  You do not have to purchase trust documentation through SMSF Loans for us to be able to assist your clients with arranging their loans.