SMSF Administrators & Auditors

We know that SMSF Administration or Audit Firms come in many 'shapes and sizes'. 
Some focus on the retail end of the market and some on the wholesale end. 
Others cover the full spectrum or have a 'hybrid' approach.
The one thing common to all is that - whether for a single Fund Trustee or on behalf of a Professional Services Firm - you will often be asked to recommend a LRBA service provider who "knows their stuff".
Might we be so bold as to suggest that SMSF Loans, as the only specialist provider in the marketplace, fits that bill.
We also pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and offer Administrators & Auditors the benefit of our skills and knowledge to assist with their professional service offering.
On a reciprocal note - we encourage our Clients to start thinking about Administration (and Audit) well ahead of their 1st Annual Return.
We do not provide these services ourselves but are happy to refer Clients where it's appropriate to do so.