SMSF Advice

Already have an Adviser?
SMSF loans is here to work with your existing advice team and ensure the lending transaction is progressed professionally and with the minimum of fuss.  If you are already working with a Financial Planner or Accountant who is qualified to provide SMSF advice then we will liaise with them and assist them to provide you with the best possible advice around this specialised lending arena.
If you are currently working with a financial adviser or accountant please include their details when you complete the Loan Enquiry Form.  After having an initial discussion with you, our Consultant will contact your adviser/s to provide assistance and ensure that your ‘team’ of advisers are working together in your best interests.
Don't have an Adviser yet?
You will find that all prudent lenders will require you to have taken financial advice (and in some cases legal advice) independently of the lending transaction. 
Things you need to consider are whether investing in property through Superannuation is an appropriate investment strategy for you personally and whether you should leverage (borrow) to do that.  If so, to what extent should you leverage and what liquidity requirements do you need to cater for?
We can only assist you with Credit Advice, however we can add significant value to the Financial or Accounting advice you receive by speaking directly with your Financial Planner or Accountant and ensuring everyone is working together in your best interests.
If you don't yet have a specialised SMSF Adviser we can refer you to an Independent Financial Adviser.
SMSF Loans Pty Limited is Australia's leading provider of SMSF-specific Credit Advice and assistance with regards to Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements and Lender selection. 
For information on our Service Models and how we can assist you please CLICK HERE.
Please note that our SMSF Loan Consultants are accredited to provide Credit Advice and Assistance only with your lending needs.  They will not offer Financial, Taxation or Legal Advice nor will they make a recommendation on whether you should or should not use leveraged property investment through your SMSF to achieve your financial goals.

General Advice Warning
We provide Credit Advice about SMSF lending products and General Advice with regards to other matters affecting lender credit decisions with regards to limited recourse borrowing arrangements.  Other than for credit purposes we do not take into consideration your personal or financial circumstances, needs and objectives and will not provide any recommendations.  You should seek independent advice from your accountant and/or financial planner in considering whether borrowing through your SMSF is appropriate to your circumstances, needs and objectives.  You must undertake your own enquiries in determining if the structures involved in borrowing through a SMSF meet your requirements with regard to your legal position, investment strategies and taxation.