Industry Professionals

SMSF Loans undertakes to provide a collaborative engagement with industry professionals to provide a seamless mortgage solution to SMSF trustees.
We have a proven record of maintaining the highest technical and ethical standards in assisting industry professionals to execute mortgage transactions for their SMSF clients.
The primary reason for this is our expertise.  But equally important are the following considerations:
  • We provide independent and unbiased credit advice; and
  • We respect and support your Client relationship.  We understand how important relationships are and how necessary it is for you to protect your Client base.  This is why we have an 'unbundled' approach to our service provision.  We are firmly committed to the premise that you are our Client and we are executing a transaction on behalf of your Client ~ not forming a relationship with them.
SMSF Loans currently enjoys a reputation for expertise and generosity when it comes to sharing its experience in this specialised lending market.  To see what other Professionals are saying please review our Testimonials Page.
You may find the following resources of interest:
  • Consumer Guide to SMSF Borrowing
  • Advisor's Set-up Guide
If you are interested in forming a referral relationship with SMSF Loans please CONTACT US.
If you have a Client scenario that you need assistance with now please complete our Loan Enquiry Form.
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