Trust Documentation

If you are planning to borrow through your SMSF to acquire property, SMSF Loans can assist you to gain an indicative approval before you go to the expense of establishing your SMSF or Bare Trust Structures.  As different lenders have different requirements regarding the Bare Trust and Trustee structures it is prudent and cost-effective to have selected your loan first.
To start the loan approval process please complete our Loan Enquiry Form and one of our accredited SMSF Loan consultants will contact you within four business hours. 
SMSF Loans can also assist you with your Trust Documentation needs. To order any of the following documents / services please click on the downloadable document links below.
PLEASE NOTE:  All prices include GST.  Clients benefit from at least a 25% Discount*.
Documentation Description
Standard Price
Client Price
Rules Update - of Existing SMSF Trust Deed
* Client means someone who has engaged SMSF Loans to broker their LRBA or facilitate borrowings outside Super to be used to provide a Related Party Loan.

Important Note:   Our Documentation service does not include providing advice on whether you should establish a SMSF or borrow through it.  We can only provide general advice on how a LRBA (SMSF loan) should be structured.  If you are a Client of SMSF Loans we will have given you detail on the Lender's structuring requirements.  If you need advice on establishing your SMSF, or the considerations of borrowing through an SMSF Structure – Click Here for more information.