Financial Advisers

SMSF Loans embraces a philosophy of facilitating advice-based limited recourse borrowing arrangements.
We believe in an “open architecture” where we work with Financial Advisers to assist their clients meet their investment goals. This is a two way street. When potential borrowers approach SMSF Loans directly we need to leverage our relationships with Financial Advisers to ensure that their Fund’s investment strategy is up to date and suits their goals and objectives.
We do not provide financial advice but we need to ensure that the Trustee has received appropriate advice - including a Statement of Advice or Certificate of Advice where relevant.
Likewise, prudent Lenders will insist that appropriate financial and taxation advice has been given to Trustees.
How SMSF Loans Can Assist
While it has always been the case that engaging appropriate specialists is in the best interests of your Clients - there is little doubt that FoFA has heightened awareness.
Where you are providing advice to the SMSF it seems certain that you will need to be able to prove that the advice - including selection of Loan Product - was in the best interests of the Client and that you were not conflicted in providing that advice.
Without wanting to appear obtuse - it appears very difficult to satisfy FoFA (or ethical) requirements if you are referring SMSF transactions directly to the Lender or to an 'aligned' Mortgage Broker who does not possess specialist capabilities - especially where commission kickbacks are involved.
If you are a Financial Adviser with a holistic approach to advising your SMSF Clients, and you want to "outsource part of your FoFA risk", we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can work together to provide a seamless customer service.
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