SMSF Loans Service Model

As our name suggests our sole focus is on assisting you to select and implement the most appropriate lending solution for your unique situation.  A one size fits all (or one Lender fits all) approach to SMSF lending is simply not appropriate.  The variance between Lenders - in terms of credit policy, the specifics of the transaction, and 'pricing' - is far more significant with regards to LRBA than to borrowing outside Super.
Therefore, the conflicts that influence Mortgage Brokers decisions outside Super become even more 'sinister' and have greater potential impact on you.
This is why we operate on a purely fee-for-service basis - just like your other Professional Advisers.
This has two major benefits for you:
  • Firstly - it assures you that we are working in your best interests and that our service is completely independent and our advice is unbiased and impartial; and
  • Secondly - we rebate 100% of our entitlement to upfront and trailing commissions meaning your investment in our fee actually provides a direct monetary return on that investment.
SMSF Loans Service Proposition
The primary role internal to the SMSF Loans Team is to assist you with the analysis of your scenario, determine an appropriate lending structure and Lender, and assist to settle your loan as quickly as possible and with the minimum of stress. 
The steps are as follows:
  • When you, or your Adviser, make a Loan Enquiry, we'll review your scenario and provide an initial indication of whether we believe it is likely that we can assist - and if we are willing to act on the transaction.
  • We will then send you our Credit Guide & Quote to review.  Among other things, that document provides full disclosure about our Company, Licensing details, how we are paid, our fee schedule, and the processes we undertake to assist you.
  • Once you engage our services we will provide you with a personalised link to our online Fact Find which allows you to provide full details of your SMSF and your goals and objectives with regards to the loan.
  • Once we have full details per your Fact Find and any follow up communication with you or your Adviser/s - we then undertake an initial assessment of your situation.  At this point we will either:
  • Advise that we are unable (or unwilling) to move forward with your transaction.  If we make this determination no invoice is raised on our system and you will pay us nothing; or
  • We will send you a Quote of what we believe is the most appropriate Loan Product / structure for your specific circumstances and move forward with your transaction.  At this stage we will invoice you for our Service Fee.
  • We then assist you to make an Application, compile your supporting documentation and we follow the transaction through to settlement ~ involving you and your Advice Team as required.
Disclaimer:  Please note that our SMSF Loan Consultants are accredited to provide credit advice and general assistance only with your lending needs.  They will not offer financial advice nor will they make a recommendation on whether you should or should not use leveraged property investment through your SMSF to achieve your financial goals. You will require financial and/or taxation advice from appropriately qualified professionals. You may already have an Adviser - who we will liaise with on your behalf.   If not, SMSF Loans can provide a referral to a suitably qualified Adviser.