Information for SMSF Trustees
There is a fair bit to take in when it comes to borrowing through your Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) - or even in making the decision whether a SMSF is the right way for you to manage your Superannuation assets.
At this stage we don't know whether you're a 20 year veteran of SMSF's or whether you are just starting to gather information as part of your decision making.
As such we neither want to "teach you how to suck eggs" nor do we want to trivialise important and specialised considerations.
This website contains significant information for Trustees and their Advisers.  In an attempt to keep it as simple as possible and readily accessible we have broken Trustee information down into the following areas. 

Starting Out

Getting the Right Loan

If you’re looking into borrowing via a SMSF there is a lot of information to take in, and a great deal can be contradictory and confusing. First and foremost, don’t be apprehensive. A LRBA is not suitable for everyone - so do your homework but don't let misinformation stop you.
We have access to the most extensive range of SMSF lending products and will assist you to identify the loan product and structure to suit the requirements of your gearing level, contributions, cash flow, investment strategy and property type (residential / commercial / rural).

Property Purchase & Loan Process

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Having a solid understanding of the SMSF borrowing process can save you a great deal of time, money and stress. There are numerous 'paradoxes' and, even after many years of this type of lending, a raft of urban myths prevail.
There are a number of recurring errors we see when SMSF Trustees decide to borrow via their Superannuation Fund. We've compiled a list of the Top 10 most common mistakes so that you can avoid making them.


Personal Guarantees

While we have no preference whether you use an external document provider or utilise us to facilitate your Trust Deeds or Corporate Trustees, we have a range of documentation packages to suit various circumstances.
The legal premise allowing Lenders to require Personal Guarantees is now well established. However (and despite what most Brokers will tell you) this doesn't mean a Guarantee is mandatory in all cases.

Related Party Loans

Our Service Model

Depending on how you're creating the Funds for a Related Party Loan you may or may not need the services of a Mortgage Broker. Either way there are some considerations you may want to be aware of.
Independent Credit Advice about LRBA. Not only are we Australia's only Specialised Mortgage Broker for LRBA we're the only unbiased service - which includes rebating 100% of our upfront & trailing commission entitlements.